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When you outsource your remediation project or business assurance to us, we connect revolutionary RegTech with 20 years of regulatory expertise to give you premium file reviews in half the time.

With a culture steeped in innovation, we’ ve built an unparalleled RegTech tool to supercharge our expertise and accelerate our outsourced compliance solutions.

We work quicker and smarter. Our tech can review 100% of your files, pinpointing actual risks within the files rather than relying on standard risk-based sampling. This means only the files containing verified risk are reviewed by a human.

Our solution also automates lengthy administrative tasks and manual functions are automated, making our processes quicker and more efficient. In addition, our experts also extract compelling intelligence from newly unlocked data, driving more effective risk management.

Ultimately, this means you get more for your money.  

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Real life scenarios tell the story best. Read our case studies to find out how our clients have benefited from our unique combination of expertise and RegTech: 

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Our RegTech

We are constantly innovating and consistently source the best RegTech in the market for our clients’ projects. In addition to building our own proprietary technology, we also adopt and adapt existing RegTech.

Our technology for voice and documents is built in conjunction with our sister company Recordsure which was developed by our Group CEO, Joanne Smith. With this cutting-edge technology in the hands of our experts, we help firms exceed the regulator’s expectations, looking beyond compliance towards supporting sustainable business growth.

Read on to find out how you can benefit:

Document review

We use our document review technology to speed up outsourced file reviews by 100%, giving you twice as many reviews in the same time, or the same number in half the time. Either way you get significant cost savings.

We use this to exponentially speed up file reviews delivered as Find out how we can transform your rectification projects and business assurance.

Voice analytics

Our voice solution unlocks data from customer voice interactions, either phone based, online or face to face. This solution helps our clients detect risk almost immediately, powering them to take action quickly and effectively.

The solution provides a whole host of actionable insights which we use to enhance compliance frameworks, transform culture and speed up complaints handling.


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