When there’s a problem with your past business, you need it rectified fast.

That’s why we have been chosen to complete over 80 remediation and rectification programmes. We are constantly innovating to improve and accelerate the traditionally manual, costly and lengthy remediation process. Our approach combines skilled people with the latest RegTech to optimise the process, breaking down barriers to speed up successful completion cost-effectively.

What sets us apart is our recognition that the right culture results in reduced remediation, increased positive customer outcomes and, ultimately, commercial success. With this in mind, we feed back how to improve post-remediation so your business can be secured against future risk.

What we do

We have the capability and expertise to manage even the most complex rectification and remediation projects. Through our dedicated remediation centres or on your site we can provide:

  • End-to-end delivery – Complete managed rectification programmes, from analysis and approach to redress and close.
  • Modular – Individual components depending on the scope of your project.
  • Assurance – Programme assurance from rectification experts.
  • Inflight – Taking over struggling inflight projects that need an optimisation boost.
  • ResourceQualified and experienced individuals and teams for self-managed projects.

Our projects are optimised by cutting edge RegTech that exponentially reduces case times while improving accuracy and audit trail. This means we can deliver more efficient, focused and consistent reviews.

Real life scenarios tell the story best – find out how we’ve helped our clients save money and reduce project times.

Download the infographic for a deeper look into our solutions.


Our areas of specialty

We specialise in many historic and current regulated products, including:

  • Pension switching, ETV and defined benefit transfers
  • Investments
  • Mortgages and protection products
  • Anti-money laundering
  • GMP equalisation
  • KYC
  • Persistent debt
  • Drawdown

How we do it better

RegTech driven

RegTech driven

RegTech accelerates our review process, giving you quicker, higher quality and more cost-effective programmes.



Our team of experienced conduct risk regulatory experts has delivered more than 80 rectification projects, across various sectors and products.

Commercially minded

Commercially minded

Our proportionate programmes put customers at the heart of the process, ensuring fair outcomes designed to enhance customer loyalty.

Delve deeper

Case study: Inflight review rescued by RegTech Infographic: Rectification & remediation
Read the case study Download the infographic
Case study: RegTech remediation project Case study: Tech enabled PBR
Read the case study Download the infographic

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