We provide end-to-end redress and remediation solutions augmented by technology, individual components of a redress programme and bespoke redress calculations.

In the last five years alone, our team has worked on over 50 distinct complaint projects, calculating millions in redress payments. Through practical experience, we have built up a wealth of resources we can draw upon.

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End-to-end remediation

Remediation exercises can become extremely expensive if they are not managed effectively. We emphasise effective planning and oversight to mitigate the chances of scope creep, performance issues and budget deviation.

Our clients partner with us because of our:

  • Technology – we integrate the most effective and efficient technology to create process efficiencies and optimise review quality. You benefit from a greater number of reviews, in less time, with higher quality outputs.
  • Collaboration and understanding – effective programme management from our specialists ensures synergy between TCC and your internal teams, to help drive efficiencies, positive outcomes and lower project costs.
  • Pragmatic solutions – we develop innovative solutions which provide fair outcomes for customers in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Outcomes focus and knowledge/skills transfer – balancing skilled and expert resource with internal capability and learning from key discoveries along the way is a key driver of our project successes.
  • Business value-add – our high-quality approach to communications helps you effectively maintain customer relationships during what can be a challenging experience for your customers and a potentially damaging time for your brand.

Redress calculations

Our in-house Actuarial redress team have years of practical experience across a comprehensive list of product types, producing accurate calculations of consumer loss or detriment.

Calculating the correct level of redress can be complex. We advise on the best course to ensure outcomes are fair for your customers, are commercially viable and that the approach meets FOS and FCA guidelines.

Our clients choose us because of our:

  • Bespoke calculators – our range of in-house tools and calculators assist with a wide variety of redress scenarios, enabling us to turn around calculations in a quick and cost-efficient way.
  • Flexibility – our team of redress experts and actuaries can provide calculations in all circumstances, be it simple and high volume, or complex and targeted. They are also experts in providing solutions for complex and nuanced cases on an individual basis.
  • Practical experience – we regularly conduct calculations across all product groups and frequently undertake remediation work under the supervision of the FCA. This allows us to confidently advise on the most appropriate methodology with the assurance that it will stand up to FOS scrutiny.

Our remediation expertise doesn’t stop at loss calculations and end-to-end remediation programmes. We provide a whole host of additional services, from offer letter writing and case handling, to file reviewing. Contact us to find out more.

We've mapped out our approach to redress and calculations to help fix your past and protect your future conduct.

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