Choosing a trusted and experienced partner that understands the subject matter, the sector and the practical application and implications of the process itself is essential. At TCC, we recognise the importance of finding the right firm to work with. We have helped a number of firms demystify the S166 process and navigate the process to appropriate outcomes.

We pride ourselves on our ability to be proportionate and pragmatic in our review work. We can conduct S166 reviews across a broad range of conduct and related culture and governance issues. Our expertise has been developed over many years and is tried and tested. We have extensive knowledge in relation to S166 and their subject matter. Our S166 specific expertise has been amassed from conducting a significant number of reviews as independent consultants, being subject to, or responsible for overseeing them whilst in industry or commissioning, supporting and overseeing them whilst working at the regulator.

Many of our clients choose us as an alternative to the larger firms on the S166 panels, some of whom are accountancy/audit and legal who may not always be appropriate given the issue at hand or the size and scale of the firm subject to the review.

As the outcome of a Section 166 can materially influence your existing business, future ongoing engagement with the FCA and your firm’s future, it is critical you select a regulatory specialist that understands your business model and can act in a manner that is professional, fair and balanced.

A S166 review can be a comparatively expensive exercise but to help alleviate the financial burden on our clients, we provide a value-driven service that seeks efficiencies whilst remaining robust in quality and depth.

How can we help?

TCC (The Consulting Consortium) is listed on the FCA’s Skilled Person Panel for Conduct of Business (Lot D).

We pride ourselves on providing a cost-effective and proportionate solution without compromising on technical competency. We bring a practitioner’s view that is focused on the right outcome for your firm, your customers and the FCA.

Why partner with TCC?

Our S166 clients choose us because of our:

  • Expertise – a choice of technical regulatory specialists with previous experience acting as an individually nominated Skilled Person.
  • FCA relationships – many of our team have recent direct experience of working at the FCA and TCC has regular engagement with the FCA.
  • Value-driven – we provide commercially balanced solutions and seek efficiencies where possible whilst also satisfying regulatory expectations.
  • Customer-focused – we care about finding the right solution for you and your customers.

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