Gain independent assurance that your business model and strategy appropriately balance the interests of your customers with those of your business and are set up for long-term sustainability.

Your business model and strategic plans together with your firm’s culture will largely determine whether the outcomes your customers experience are positive or negative.

The FCA views your business model as a key risk driver. The right business model and associated strategy reduces the risk of systemic customer detriment. Thus, consideration of your business model and strategic direction is an effective method of regulatory supervision.

We specialise in transforming culture and conduct risk, and supporting our clients in building business models that are sustainable and mutually beneficial for the long term. With TCC you gain independent assurance you are adopting an appropriate business model that has customers at its heart and does not expose them to an unacceptable level of conduct risk.

How can we help?

We provide expert guidance at all stages of your firm’s business model and strategy development, from initial concept support through to review and assurance of your current model and strategy.

We also commonly assist our clients in achieving an appropriate balance between commercial and customer outcome indicators by designing appropriate management information metrics that can be flexible depending on the nature and needs of the audience.

We primarily provide support to firms via our advisory practice as they are either developing an ancillary business proposition or equally where they are augmenting or finessing their current model and associated strategy – whether this is driven by external or internal factors.

We have practical expertise across the business model framework from applying and completing assessment using the FCA’s Firm Systemic Framework (for larger firms) and its Business Model and Sector Analysis framework (for smaller firms).

Why partner with TCC?

  • Specialism – our specialism lies in culture and conduct risk, which makes us ideally placed to advise you on your business model and strategy.
  • Experience – our practical expertise spans both large and small firms, across a variety of sectors.
  • Partnership – collaboration is an essential component of our approach, resulting in a pragmatic solution that really works for your business and your customers.  

How can we help?

A sustainable business model and strategy will be founded in a customer-focused culture. Take advantage of expertise from the specialists in culture and conduct risk. Call us today.

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