Our RegTech enabled Assurance solution allows us to check higher volumes, whilst providing unbeatable quality and superior consistency. You benefit from enhanced controls and increased assurance, essential for defence against poor customer outcomes and the threat of regulatory sanctions.

How can we help?

TCC offers two distinct services, available individually or combined, to provide assurance that your sales processes are effective, efficient and compliant.

Outsourcing & overflow enhanced by RegTech

You need confidence that your file review function – and therefore your sales practices – are effective. We offer independent Assurance underpinned by technology that optimises quality and improves the speed of review. This means we can check far higher volumes at better quality standards. Essentially, we can give you more value for the same cost.

Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. Some clients choose to fully outsource their whole First Line Assurance function to TCC, whilst others partially outsource people, functions, volumes or certain types of business. Full outsourcing takes care of the burden of finding, training and continually assessing good quality resource in a competitive market. Whereas partial outsourcing is flexible to fit into your business during busy periods, spikes in demand or following recruitment issues, without having to increase internal overheads

We combine cutting-edge technology with our First Line Assurance expertise to accelerate file review capabilities for both voice, including calls and face-to-face meetings, and documents.

Benefit from:

– Speedier turn around times due to automation of administrative and manual tasks

– Improved assurance due to more consistent, higher quality review outputs

– More comprehensive audit trail, making quality assurance more efficient

– Enhanced management information that drives decision-making

By outsourcing to us you will benefit from our review teams’ decades of experience, covering all financial services products including complex pensions and ETVs, combined with the efficiency and consistency of our cutting edge RegTech solution.

Assurance process review

TCC’s Advisory experts will review your Assurance processes and procedures to ensure they are robust and fit for purpose. We’ll provide reviews and recommendations for improvement based on industry best practice learnt over decades within industry, as well as our knowledge of FCA requirements and expectations.

We create quality frameworks that detect non-compliance and customer detriment enabling you to ensure your customers remain at the heart of your business. Not only does this help to increase customer loyalty it can also better protect you from the risk of costly Past Business Reviews and customer compensation. Ensuring you have a strong Assurance mechanism demonstrates to the FCA your commitment to protecting customers and fostering a positive, customer centric culture.

Why partner with TCC?

  • Value-driven – we can check higher volumes at a higher quality, giving you more bang for your buck.
  • Expertise – our experts provide advice and guidance on the weaknesses and root causes of non-compliance and poor customer outcomes identified during the course of reviews.
  • Independence – TCC is independent from your business. This ensures reviews are sufficiently challenging, as required by the FCA.

Download our infographic and case study to discover how our RegTech enabled First Line Assurance solutions can benefit you. Protection of your future business starts here.

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For more information, you can also download our infographic and case study. Protection of your future business starts here.

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