Driven by powerful technology, we work quicker and smarter to give you assurance that constantly adds value without compromising on quality.

Years of optimising our business assurance and complaints handling processes with smart people and cutting-edge RegTech has liberated our solutions from laborious admin tasks. As a result, we bring you faster and more accurate solutions, so you can be even more confident in your file reviews and complaints handling.

And when you’re confident about business as usual, you can be assured you’re giving your customers the best possible outcomes. After all, there’s nothing healthier for your commercial success than happy customers.

What we do

We provide two options for both business assurance and complaints handling:

  • Fully outsourced – We become your whole function, relieving the pressure of recruitment and capacity planning. Our service can be delivered from our dedicated offices or on your site.
  • Partially outsourced – We provide an overflow facility during busy periods and recruitment issues, helping you manage fluctuations in demand. Spread the cost of compliance by calling on us only when you need us.

We can also source skilled and qualified resources to support your in-house function if you need it. Find out more about specialist resourcing.

How we do it better

Value through RegTech

Value through RegTech

We automate resource-heavy admin tasks so we can focus skill where it matters, giving you better value for money.



We are quick and responsive to your needs, enabling us to scale and adapt to your requirements.

Root cause focused

Root cause focused

We identify the root causes of non-compliance and poor customer outcomes, so you can make proactive changes.

Delve deeper

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