Proactively identify good customer outcomes to enhance customer loyalty and satisfy regulatory demands.

The FCA expects you to evidence that you have your customers at the heart of your business. The most simple and cost-effective method is to establish a meaningful customer outcomes testing policy throughout your business, spanning the end-to-end customer lifecycle.

All too often firms rely on customer satisfaction metrics to demonstrate positive customer outcomes. These are of limited benefit if the customer is ill informed or disengaged in the sales or advice process. As a result the first time a misalignment of expectations is confirmed is at the point of a complaint. By testing customer outcomes shortly after a particular stage in the lifecycle you can ensure your customers’ expectations are correctly aligned with those of your business.

When operated correctly customer outcomes testing can be a powerful indicator of customer centricity, not just for the benefit of the regulator but also for your business too.

How can we help?

Customer outcomes testing consists of post-sale outbound customer contact, typically by telephone.

An effective Customer Outcomes Testing capability operates in the first line with oversight and audit from the second line.

The programme is focused on the core outcomes you want your business to deliver to your customers (e.g. ease of process, suitability of product, customer understanding), ensuring expectations are aligned.

It is not an opinion survey – rather we are testing customer understanding and engagement, arming you with information to take appropriate action if anything other than the target outcome is confirmed.

TCC offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution or component parts to suit your requirements and budget.

There are three stages to implementing an effective and enduring customer outcomes testing model:

  • Design, build and test
  • Pilot to prove concept
  • Transition Handover to BAU

Why partner with TCC?

  • Partnership – our Customer Outcomes Testing is most effective when developed in collaboration with your internal teams and tailored to your business model.
  • Specialism – with our sole focus on culture and conduct risk, you can be assured we know what good customer outcomes look like.
  • Knowledge – our expert advisory team has first-hand experience working for the FCA, so we know where their expectations lie.

Don’t rely on customer satisfaction metrics or wait for complaints.

Arm yourself with powerful information and evidence you are providing good customer outcomes. Speak to our team for more information.

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