Maximise your chances of a successful FCA visit or interview by being prepared and confident with TCC’s tailored coaching and mock interviews.

If you are selected as part of thematic work, are on notice for a supervision visit or are applying to be a Significant Influence Function (SIF) you are likely to be involved in an FCA on-site assessment or interview.

Understanding the FCA’s expectations and how to manage the responses can be challenging. We understand how difficult it can be to be ‘put on the spot’ and to be able to provide the right response at the right time. Being prepared can therefore help you avoid unnecessary effort and operational disturbance.

How can we help?

Our specialist Advisory Services team understand the importance of meaningful preparation for any face-to-face engagement with the FCA and can help with:

  • Briefing sessions – individual or group briefings sessions on the visit or interview process, helping you to navigate it effectively. 
  • Coaching – individual coaching on the format and types of questions you are likely to face and how to best present yourself and your business.
  • Mock interviews – mock interviews or visits focused on the FCA quality standards we expect to be applied. This identifies ‘gaps’ in advance, providing time to make any required changes and build your confidence and practice responses. 
  • Testing – test knowledge and competence of individuals through role play.

Our collaborative approach ensures we have a good understanding of your business model, your regulatory history, the purpose of the FCA’s visit or interview and the desired outcome. We can then focus on the conduct risks applicable to your sector and business strategy.

Why partner with TCC?

  • Knowledge – our experts have first-hand knowledge of the FCA’s interview and visit methodology, as some have worked for the FCA in a supervisory capacity.
  • Experience – our team has extensive experience of carrying out independent audit work including Board level interviews and assessments.
  • Partnership – our approach focuses on truly understanding your business model so that your outcome can be as effective as possible.

How can we help?

The key to successful preparation is time. Get in touch with our Advisory team today to book your session.

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